Can I Call You A Journal?

Felt depressed and worthless last night after being passed over in favor of kids doing crappy cover songs. Felt like a good dog passed over for a sloppy puppy. But realized that some people are in the music business just for money. You’d make more money selling cute puppies than good older dogs with a story; they make more money selling cute pathetic kids than powerful songwriters and artists.

Glad Josh and I were able to perform together. Met some cool people with whom I may collaborate in the near future. But overall determined to avoid shit shows like that at all costs. I want to be appreciated for my art, not criticized for my honesty.

Speaking of critics, my mother-in-law had the audacity to rant about how inappropriate The Reverend was in her opinion to my best friend. She thinks it was too personal for me to share my past. Meanwhile she shares everyone else’s pasts with whoever will listen. I just want to remind her that she is not an artist, is not an intellectual, and is not responsible for spreading everyone else’s business.

Speaking of business, STL is closing in May after this school year. I need to did a job. I don’t want too. I love St. Luke’s and feel a bit of denial regarding its closing.


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