Maslow Reflection

Okay. Lots and lots of stuff going on in my life right now that I will catch you up on in a later post. But this week, I’ve been studying motivation in psychology and found myself especially interested in comparing my own life to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (pictured). I’m going to work through each level from the bottom up and list how each of these needs is neglected or fulfilled in my life.

Physiological: Lungs are fine; I’m breathing. Joshua cooks and gets me drinks; food and water are satisfied. Joshua provides sex. Thanks to melatonin pills, I get sleep. My body relies upon medication, but it maintains homeostasis well. I urinate fine, but do have struggles excreting the other; thank goodness for veggie laxatives. All physiological needs are currently met.

Safety: I live in a safe environment and further protect my body with covering clothing, necessary medicines, and my husband’s protection. I am currently employed, but our school is shutting down at the end of this year. My future employment is up in the air. We have money saved and are making ends meet. I would like to have a little more room to help pay for school, but we’re making it. My in-laws are moral as is my husband; I feel secure in our morality. I have a supportive husband and best friend (my family). I have not been ill and have been actively treating my mental health issues. We do not have our own house, but we have lived in our home for three years and love it; we are secure here. Overall, I am satisfied in safety with the two major issues being future employment and a desire for increased resources.

Love/Belonging: My two best friends are my husband and Macky-J. I get to see Mack once or twice a week. I also have my husband’s family as friends and a few coworker with whom I may talk. I feel like I am generally accepted by my in-laws. I have no relation with my biological family, but am okay with the family I have built now. I especially feel that I belong with my husband who provides me with unconditional love, empathy, genuine relations, and sexual intimacy. I also feel loved by Mary, my doctor. Overall, my need of love/belonging is fulfilled by my husband, best friend, in-laws, and my doctor.

Esteem: I have varying self-esteem depending on the day, but overall, I like the way I look, my opinions, my talents, the life I live, etc. I have confidence in my abilities and in my personal strength. I feel that I am well on my way to great achievement and feel that although my life is different than others, it is much more fulfilling and diverse in experience than most peoples’ lives. I respect other people and forgive easily, but will not back down from my convictions. Most people respect me; some question my personal style of living and acting and thinking, but I feel generally respected for my intellect and strength of person. Overall, my need for esteem is fulfilled.

Self-actualization: I have staunch personal morals which include unconditional love, genuine-ness, and empathy as well as an emphasis upon personal development. I express creativity at work, in song, in art, and in daily life as an offbeat and spontaneous person. I can easily solve most problems presented to me probably due to resilience and abstract thinking. I do have prejudice against people who remind me of my biological family, but overall I am very loving and accepting of most people. I accept facts only after questioning and coming to understand them myself. I do not accept every ‘fact’ thrown my way. Overall, my need for self-actualization feels fulfilled.

Looking at my life in comparison to the hierarchy makes me feel better about my life and my self. In the case of particular areas in which I struggle, I feel I have done a good job easing the fault and solving the issues. As part of my personal morals, of course, I will continue in my quest for further personal progression.



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